Out the Window

Hurricane Andrew was easily one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I had only just moved to Orlando, Florida and found an apartment when it rolled right through town. Over the next 4 years, hurricane season in Florida was something of a let-down after the sheer awe-inspiring force of nature that was Andrew introducing me to my first storm season.


Out the Window

Ebon storm clouds advance

Across an azure canvas


Perilous beauty.


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Oh writer’s block, how I’ve missed you. (Not really.) It seems like it was only last week that we parted ways. (More like yesterday.) But you just keep coming back for more abuse and punishment. Don’t you know by now that I will not be daunted by you? (Except for the fact, that I haven’t written any of the stuff that actually needs writing.)

It’s amazing how I can sit at my desk with no specific purpose and type out page after page of material each day, but when it comes to an actual specific project, I can’t seem to get beyond a few lame sentences. Maybe it’s the pressure of the competition. Or maybe it’s simply that I need to start finding new approaches. Whatever it is though, I need to get with the programme and figure it out. I have my fiction writing portfolio coming up in May, and my composition needs to be polished to perfection. The number of students accepted to move on in the programme at school is a relatively small one. So I can’t afford to louse this up.

Bugger. Here I sit, trying to decide what in the world I should write to present to the committee. The problem isn’t in a lack of ideas. The problem is in a lack of ideas that produce what the committee considers acceptable work. But then I start to overthink things and get sidetracked. Either I develop a wonderful idea that is simply too long to present, or I wind up slipping back into the old dilemma of wondering how to please committee members that are less interested in good, entertaining  writing than they are about a writer’s ability to follow a set formula.

One thing I have been considering for this blog is to try my hand at a serial piece. I’ve been considering picking one day out of the week and making that the day for posting an on-going serial novel. I feel that trying to tackle such a project might help me. If nothing else, it will get me in the habit of writing to a deadline that is more immediate than most I am used to. Not only that, writing such a serialization will get me in the habit of writing shorter pieces, something that I am in considerable need of practicing if I intend to have any hope in moving forward in the Creative Writing Programme at school.

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, it seems to me there is no time like the present. Such a project will give an intellectual and creative goal to match my physical one. Only a year ago I was fit and at least somewhat trim. Now I feel like and am starting to look like a sumo wrestler. This is simply unacceptable. So it’s a New Year’s double-shot; not so much a resolution as much as simply a new programme of study. While I’m re-honing and toning my body, I will be doing the same for my creative mind. Sundays will be my weekly check-in. Starting next Sunday will be part one of my new serial novel. This should be interesting.