Wow, I’ve been meaning to get back to this thing for some time now. I didn’t realize until today just how long it had been though. I have so many “mostly finished” posts drifting around on various computer hard drives that it isn’t funny.

I was starting to spend too much time blogging though, and not enough time doing things I was supposed to be doing, like writing papers for English classes or other some such. It turns out though, that when I constrained my writing time, I never actually finished anything. Then I just finally fell out of the habit of even trying to write this blog anymore.

Although, I didn’t leave blogging all together. I have been writing a fair bit as a sports editorialist over at AZ Snakepit, the preeminent blog and new source for the Arizona Diamondbacks. That too has keep me busy and detracted from time I could have been (and perhaps should have been) writing here.

Then the other day, fellow blogger Alice linked me in one of her posts. That’s when I discovered just how out of date and sad this blog really is. So here I am, trying to update things a bit. Hopefully my return to blogging will work out better this time around.


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