What’s Happening to Baseball?

I started out composing a rather lengthy post about the recent trade between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Miami Marlins and how the many warning signs that this sort of thing was coming were ignored; beginning with Commissioner Bud Selig unceremoniously stripping horrible owner Frank McCourt  of ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, followed by the post-deadline trade between the Boston Red Sox. However, I found myself taking forever to get to the point. It’s not a simple subject to discuss by any means. So, instead of one long post about the situation, I’ll be spending the next few days putting up various sections about what happened and, my reaction to it all.

While Baseball may be experiencing unprecedented prosperity, if recent bullshit shenanigans continue, that could change in a heart-beat. If the game as a whole is unable to right the ship quickly, smaller market teams across the country are in a world of trouble.


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