I guss I still have a bit adjusting to do in getting used to this blogging bit. It’s the little things that come back to bite you; like pastingin a nice post about moives and then having it go to drafts instead of publish. I would blame it on the molten pop-tart icing that left two sizeable burn blisters on my left hand, but the reality is I simply forgot to double-check my post. I’m sure that the searing pain in my hand may have certainly led to my distraction, but only in a small way. Maybe I should start taking more ginko to help improve my memory. The only problem I see with that though is that I need the ginko to help me remember where I put the ginko bottle!


Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoyed their holidays. Stay tuned to this blog for more idle ramblings in the near future. Next up: the movies.


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